Welcome to Lost Inn Lisbon!

Lost Inn Lisbon building is a Lisbon Palace with huge common areas with big windows that let the sun shine in.
Lost Inn Lisbon is a beautiful Palace from the 18th century, located in Lisbon downtown next to the main important monuments, museums, shops and also to the party neighborhood, the famous Bairro Alto!
Wake up every morning with a delicious breakfast and get ready for the best walking tour. When you came back you’ll have the most comfy sofas and delicious surprises by night.
Our staff has deep knowledge of the city and is always available to indicate the best places in Lisbon, whether Restaurants, Museums, Tours, Historical places, Bars, Nightclubs, or simply enjoy the nice atmosphere of our Hostel.
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When you arrive from your journey, there will be comfortable sofas, free Wi-Fi and a smile just waiting for you!!

  • Check-Out: 11am, but you can leave your bags in our Luggage Room and pick it up later on!

  • Breakfast: included.

  • Supermarkets: local supermarket just 3 minutes away.

  • 24 hours reception: we are always open and always here for you if you need us!

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