We Love Nice and Comfy Dorms!

1 - No plastic bags.

Please don't rifle through plastic bags in the middle of the night. If you really have to do it, make it in the daylight hours.


2 - It’s 12pm – turn the light off please.

Best thing to do is carry a little torch, or even use the light of your phone to find your way to the mattress before passing out. Everybody wins. Reading lights are are also a good alternative.


3. Pants ON please.

Do us all a favor: keep your pants on until you're about to go to bed.


4. Don’t snore. 

If you are the snoring type, please choose a private room.


5. No wet clothes inside the dorm.

You can ask reception to wash and dry your beautiful clothes.


6. Leaving early? Pack tonight.

"Oi dude, have you seen that yellow shirt I had on yesterday?" If you'd packed the night before you'd probably have found the yellow shirt, and I'd have got to sleep in this morning.


7. Don’t touch others stuff.

If somebodies stuff is in an awkward place, just ask them to move it.


8. Shower time

Water, shampoo and soap! Best tip for all of us: Have a shower once a day. It’s included in the hostel service.


9. Use the lockers.

The best way not to loose your stuff is by keeping them safely in the lockers. 


10. The 3 No’s inside your dorm.

No smoking, no drinking, no eating.


11. Be nice with the windows.

Special windows to ensure you’ll have a quite night. To open them just follow the instructions.


11. Yes, we love having you here! Take good care of our dorm!


we will beat any price

Address: Beco dos Apóstolos, 6

1200-028 Lisboa


+351 213 470 755

GPS: 38.708240, -9.144050

(38°42'29.7"N 9°08'38.6”W)

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