Are you coming or what?

June has just started and we already have beautiful pictures to share with you. Our Hostel Stories are as good as this!

Do you know what to expect of Lisbon in June?

June is made of parties, remember we are celebrating our famous Santos Populares! Santo António is very importante for all the Lisbon people.

🎈🎉🎈🎉 This means Sardines, Bifanas, Beer, Wine and Live Music in every corner and in every neighborhood! The celebrations take place the entire month. Neighbors get together on the streets to drink, to eat, to dance, to sing, to party!

Streets are decorated with flowers, lights and garlands and we are sure this is so unique that you won’t see an atmosphere like this one anywhere else.

And if you are here on the 12th of June, you will witness the most amazing popular parades, down Avenida da Liberdade! And weddings!! You can attend the Santo António weddings, where 26 couples will be married under the blessing of the Saint!

Today, we are happy to share last days pictures with you, so you can book your summer with us and know you will have a great time!

We'll take you to our Sintra Tours with our guys! You'lll be able to join the Free Walking Tour organized by our partners, theWild Walkers! Once a week, Frederico ( the famous Portuguese Chef) will cook for all of us, plus a lot of other Hostel Events. June is so, so beautiful in Lisbon.

Other great tips for June? Here’s 3 things you really should try!

Eat sardines on bread One of the best things to do is to try out one of Lisbon most traditional foods: sardines! it’s June, so walk up to the city old neighborhoods and try it as it was originally served centuries ago: on a slice of bread. Easy and delicious! Go to a gigantic garden and a Book Fair Until the13th of June, Parque Eduardo VII will host this important cultural event. Why don't you go and meet some of the best Portuguese writers and illustrators? They'll be there talking about their books! Have a blast in Bairro Alto or go around the corner to the Pink Street Go to Bairro Alto for a drink! Bairro Alto is full of little pubs where you can get a drink and mingle with friends in the streets. Even though you can stay inside, it is more common for you to see everyone standing on the streets chatting and enjoying the night. Another area you might want to check out is just further down, closer to the river: the Pink street. This area has become more popular.

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