Breaking news: New Hostel Events at Lost Inn Lisbon

The sun shines and we have our energy renewed . Lisbon is beautiful! ☀️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

It is with great joy that we announce new Hostel events at Lost Inn Lisbon Hostel.

Let's talk about Mondays!

The free walking tour takes place every day and the pick up is at 10 am! You'll have time to finish the wonderful breakfast, full of fruits, vegetables, bread, cereals, eggs, cheese, ham, etc. A real feast!

Read here the reviews, the opinions of other fellow travelers, about our breakfast

Surf day can also be done every day! Please note that the pick up is a little earlier! We want you to enjoy the sea and a whole day at the beach. 9.30 am is your time!

And what about Sangria? No worries! Every night, we have white Sangria and Red Sangria, to share. For free!

On Tuesday, in addition to the Free walking Tour and Surf Day, we have our wonderful tour! The Sintra Tour, known worldwide for being fantastic and perfect and in the evening a dinner of Italian flavors!

It is worth reading the reviews!

"The location was perfect. Easy to find and easy to walk to all the different neighbourhoods. Staff were friendly and there was a nice communal area/bar to meet other travelers as well as lots of group activities such as 'family' dinner, walking tours, Sintra tour, etc."

Jason, from Australia Reviewed: 7 November 2019

Staying at Lost Inn is a must! The hostel has all the facilities and amenities any traveller would need! Also would highly recommend the Sintra trip which the hostel hosts!

Samurdhee, also from Australia Reviewed: October 2019

Wednesday brings surprises! We have a vegetarian dinner prepared at home. Fresh and selected ingredients that will guarantee a very special and lively dinner! Do not expect less than this !!

See the pic and ... reserve your place. This event sells out very quickly!

Veggie dinner

We keep the free walking tour, the Surf day, and Sangria! Wow, how crazy!

If you liked vegetarian dinner, now imagine learning to cook like this! Because you asked, we created this opportunity! A cooking class, guided by our Veggie Chef, who will share secrets, recipes, flavors and knowledge!

Thursdays are like that!

We have many events going on: free walking tour, Surf day, Sintra Tour a Cooking class and Sangria! Wow, how crazy!

Friday announces good vibes! We'll open our doors to an amazing Portuguese Chef. Let's welcome Frederico, and see what will he bring for us? It's always so good !!! Get ready and be prepared to love all these exquisite flavors.

Will the other events take place ? Of course! The free walking Tour, Surf and Sangria are guaranteed!

Breaking news for Saturday. A tapas dinner!

Tapas dinner at Lost Inn Lisbon Hostel

And on Sunday we will have the most amazing Portuguese dinner. Portuguese are famous for having 365 ways of cooking cod dishes. Can you guess the menu?

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