Hostel diary - It all started on Saturday

What an amazing week this was! It barely felt like I was working!

We always love to see how small groups are formed inside the hostel with people that are travelling alone or with just one friend and how they all become such good friends with other people they meet at the Lost Inn.

But this week it was different! The most amazing group came together and they made this week one of the best ones I ever had while working at the Lost Inn!

It all started on Saturday when I saw Charles again (he had already been at the Hostel one year ago) and met Amanda, Helena, Hannah and Georgia! We all just got along so well with each other. On Sunday, at Soup Time the same people just got together again and this time with three more friends, Marija, Jozo and Steve!

Then on Monday night, besides learning what is the weenus (thanks Amanda!), we received our friends Benjamin and Ignacio (Nacho, my son! Ahah), and the whole group just wanted to go out to the Mexican place and invited me but I could not go because I had to work until midnight. Everybody said that they wouldn’t tell anybody (:P) and Amanda just build a dummy in the reception’s chair so it could pretend it was me!

On Tuesday night we all went to Park (already with our friend Rosario) and then to a bar in pink street where I learned a little bit of Chile’s funny phrases (that was “paloio”!) and on Wednesday night we had dinner together at New Black (except for Hannah and Georgia that flied out that day and Marija and Jozo ).

Thursday was my day off but I was still not ready to say goodbye to everybody because most of them would leave on Friday and so when I went back to work on Saturday they wouldn’t be at the Hostel anymore.

So, I wanted to do something with them and we decided to go to the beach… It was such an amazing day! We played “beach tenis”, volleyball, football, uno and we even went inside the water!

And that whole time I was telling Steve that Portuguese do not go the beach when it’s below 25ºC! grin emoticon

I already miss you guys! Hope our paths meet each other again! Here’s a picture from that amazing day!



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