Lisbon in the streets | Lisboa na Rua

Lisbon has music,

Lisbon has movies,

Lisbon has classics,

Lisbon has jazz,

Lisbon has stars and Lisbon has great nights and beautiful days!

Until the 1st of October, check all the fun, cultural and amazing programs from Lisbon in the streets!

Lot's of them at our doorstep

Choose your event | Book your holiday and enjoy!

#LostInn #LisboanaRua

#LisboanaRua #Lisboninthestreets


Address: Beco dos Apóstolos, 6

1200-028 Lisboa

+351 213 470 755

GPS: 38.708240, -9.144050

(38°42'29.7"N 9°08'38.6”W)

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